So I’m at the train station hunting through apps and discover my unaccomplished blog, right on the peak of my fashion interest via encouragement from London Fashion Week.
I’m gonna skip all explanations why I’ve lacked posts, blah, blah.. And jump right in with items that have been awesome enough to catch the eye of moi!

So I’m over the “I’d never wear them” stage of Creepers as they’re ironically creeping into all sorts of collections lately, whether bleakly or climbing up high on the catwalk. To all of your delights, high street saviours, Topshop and Urban Outfitters are onto the case and Schuh are quietly stocking these Red Or Dead must haves seen below!

£72 at

Like the majority, it won’t be a surprise if you hate these at first. But with more and more of us gals wearing Vans, these are fashion’s retro/punk alternative, which could potentially combine so greatly with SS11’s retro trend. If the public is brave enough, I definately think these will catch on, especially after making an obvious appearance on the first episode in Channel 4’s new Skins series.

Creepers or Brothel Creepers are types of shoes originating from WW2. Soldiers in deserts required large, strong soles that protect the feet from the heat and any impacts. They got the nickname Brothel Creepers when the soldiers returned to the cities in these cloggy looking shoes.
Teddy Boys worked on the concept in the 1950s which was developed by George Cox later that decade. They arrived back in the limelight in the 1970s via McLaren and the sales were boosted by stocking them in his and his wife, Vivienne Westwood’s store.

It’s almost like a of Vans and Doc Martens. With both recently having a major impact on trends lately, high street stores seem to be testing society’s bravery by selling a small variety before demand kicks in. Grab a pair now for Spring and the majo

So, what do you think? Could you see yourself in a pair of these? Or are you even a previous owner?!